Hello there!

I'm Alana, Little Miss Violet's human Mum.  Violet came into our lives in February 2016 at 6 months old. Fortunately for my husband Andy and I, she has wonky bottom teeth (much like myself), so missed out on a career as a show dog and was pet homed with us!

A Blog About A Little Dog is a place where I can share the adventures of owning our first dog together - a miniature English Bull Terrier - a breed that is sweet tempered, rowdy and clownish, full of fire and determination and busts out a bully run when you least expect it.  Ours in particular burps like Homer Simpson, occassionally "talks" (particularly after a good chicken broth) and has been known to whirl like a dervish on the IKEA rug at 3am in the morning...  Thank gawd for Melbourne's coffee culture!

AKA: Little Miss, Little, Cutie, Charles Barkley, Humpelstiltskin

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