15 Aug 2016


Pre-dog Park Violet never particularly enjoyed the car, but she would sit quietly in the back, or on my lap in the front passenger seat.  Homeward bound, be it from the vet, obedience class or an on leash walk along the waterfront, she'd be smiley dog.

On our very second dog park visit, Little Miss recognised landmarks and twigged to where we were headed, the excitement turning her into a furry cannonball.  Since then it's been a downward spiral into whining, heavy panting and frenzied chewing every time we take a car ride.  RIP leash, dog hammock and a brand new harness.

I'm still half convinced it's excitement, not anxiety, as Violet will leap into the back seat enthusiastically (although, paint work be damned if we don't get the door open quick enough).  When we head home, energy spent, it's like we switched dogs at our destination.  Unfortunately, outings have become a very unpleasant experience of late and I feel like one of us may pass out from the stress... probably me!

Last year Mr M and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with a getaway to Hong Kong and Dubai.  This year we're off to *drum roll please* dog friendly accommodation in The Otways.  The upcoming challenge is that the cottage is a 2 hour drive away.

Come road trip day, it'll be Rescue Remedy to the rescue!  We did a test run on Sunday and while successful, after witnessing our dog choreograph an Olympic worthy ice skating routine on the wet floor at the dog wash, certainly not a long-term solution.  In Violet's case, flower remedies seem to be the equivalent of a doggy doobie. We'll be trying some other tips and tricks on our mission to figure out the root cause of her behaviour - any suggestions are welcome!

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