26 Sept 2016


In 2007, Mr M and I moved from NZ to Melbourne for the music scene.  Pethaus make dog gear that even we would wear, and as avid heavy metal listeners, we HAD to get Violet into one of their battle jackets!  I scored a raw denim jacket in their online sale and also added patches of our favourite bands, with a dog spin on them, to the cart - Judas Pooch, Muttallica, Pawtera & Bark Sabbath.  The lovely Pethaus folk will also shorten jackets for twenty bucks if your pooch is wide, but short in the body.

One week in as a member of our family, I dragged both loved ones to a Japanese clothing store for dogs where Violet quietly modelled a red puffer jacket and a gorgeous knitted letterman cardigan (that was out of our price range), she has since developed an aversion to clothing and turns into a bucking bronco if a bandana so much as comes near her.  I will have to persevere with treats and distraction to get our little rock star out and about to show off her serious attitude. Not too many treats though as we don't want her getting too wide for her new threads!

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