25 Jul 2016

Mr M is away for a few days, so Violet and I had a girl's weekend.  With the favourite parent absent, I tried to do all of the fun things to tire her out.  I have succeeded in knackering myself.

Sunday we met Violet's cousin Tripp and his lovely Mum Harmony at the North Melbourne dog park, where we've never been before.  Little Miss only embarrassed me a few times, in particular when she bounded up to a west highland terrier that was absolutely terrified of her.  Now, Violet doesn't have a vicious bone in her body, but girl can't take a hint when other dogs aren't interested and she seems to interpret their barking as "play with me!" Cue Benny Hill theme music as Violet chased a screaming westie around the park, the owner chased the westie yelling "Nigel" and I chased everyone yelling "she won't hurt him, she just wants to plaaaaay!"  Meanwhile, Tripp's testosterone has kicked in, so he was humping everything in sight.

I am constantly aware of people's misconception of the bully breed, so... job well done kids, let's have a dogachino!

The Doghouse cafe opened in Collingwood on July 1st and I've been itching to go, what better excuse than two girls and their dogs getting to know each other.  Tripp and Violet shared a dogachino (separately) and both devoured their muffins from the dog only menu (separately), the human coffee went down a treat too.  Alas, our babies aren't really the 'sit quietly while Mum gasbags' type, so with Trippy whining at the gate of our booth and Violet trying to drink my coffee, it was all a bit hectic. Harmony and I will be catching up for a vino after work - sans dogs - soon.

20 Jul 2016