10 Oct 2016


I think I had delusions of grandeur when buying paper hats for Violet's birthday. I got one decent, but rather miffed looking photo of her wearing one before her chompers got the better of it (plus two).  We booked Violet in for a day at Ka-Pooch! so she could play with other doggies to her heart's content.  I was a bit disappointed that we never thought to let the day care know it was her b'day as I suspect they would've got a hat to stay on her and she could've had a party with her peers, but when she got home we spoilt her with a Mister Riley pupcake and lots of presents to open.

Violet was suitably exhausted, but also unwell on Sunday night, which we think was from eating something/drinking from the manky puddles at the dog park over the grand final long weekend.  We've battled vomiting and diarrhoea on and off since then, but seem to have come out the other end now (excuse the pun) with the help of chicken broth and boiled chicken and rice.  I have to give a shout out to the Bissell Little Green machine, without which I may have had to burn our rug after an unfortunate accident.  Party on Wayne!  Party on, barf!

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